Shae Castaneda M.D.

Shae Castaneda, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Program Director, DeTar Family Medicine Residency

Julia Shae Krause-Castaneda, M.D., is a native of Karnes City, Texas and attended Texas A&M University at Galveston receiving her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and minor in Chemistry. She obtained her medical degree at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock, Texas. Dr. Krause-Castaneda completed her training at Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program in Bryan/College Station, Texas, where she was chief resident.

She is a full scope, board certified, family medicine physician with special interest in gynecology and obstetrics including prenatal and postnatal care. Medicine is ever changing as we have witnessed through the current pandemic. She feels that it is important to have soundly educated physicians with a passion for lifelong learning that can be practiced in a compassionate, empathetic, evidence-based manner.

Dr. Krause-Castaneda currently is a member of the Texas Medical Association Rural Health Committee. She is also involved in numerous committees throughout the community including the Area Go Texan Committee. She feels that it is important to be involved in the community of which you live and practice medicine in order to bring measurable positive change.

Dr. Krause-Castaneda and her husband Eliezer Castaneda, MD, who is also a family medicine physician, are excited to be here in Victoria and are happy to be raising their two young children here.

Sidney C. Ontai, M.D., MBA

Sidney C. Ontai, M.D., MBA

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Associate Program Director, DeTar Family Medicine Residency

Dr. Ontai is a full-time Texas A&M clinical faculty and associate director of DeTar Healthcare System's family medicine residency program. He has been in practice for 35 years, in private rural practice for a community clinic and as faculty in three previous family practice residencies at the University of California - Irvine, University of Southern California, and Texas Tech University.

A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Ontai received his medical degree from the University of Hawaii Medical School and obtained an MBA from the University of California –Los Angeles. He has been certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care,

Dr. Ontai has a special interest in reversing and preventing diabetes, coronary artery disease, and other chronic illnesses with whole plant-based diets and water-only fasting. He has also championed medication-assisted treatment for the opioid disorder and the longitudinal community-oriented curriculum, including rural and free clinic experiences.

Mark L. Stevens, M.D.

Mark L. Stevens, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Dr. Stevens brings 30 years of family medicine experience, including time spent in private practice, to the residency clinic.

Dr. Stevens received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio, and completed his residency at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown. He worked as Clinical Preceptor for the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine where he was named UTMB’s Preceptor of the Year. He is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Dr. Stevens is a Victoria native, having been born at DeTar Hospital, and he is dedicated to the health and well-being of the people of this area. He is particularly interested in diabetes prevention and management.

Manju Sachdev M.D.

Manju Sachdev, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Dr. Manju Sachdev is a Board Certified Pediatrician who was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. She began her career in Victoria, Texas as a private practitioner. Her aspiration to learn more about the administrative aspects of medicine led her to join Driscoll Children’s Hospital Quick Care Clinic Victoria as their Medical Director, while continuing to balance a private practice. After being approached about developing the pediatric facet of Detar Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency program, Dr. Sachdev immediately took a proactive role by volunteering to teach the residents about common pediatric illnesses. She subsequently transitioned into joining as a faculty member; her enduring enthusiasm has since led to the tremendous growth and development of the program’s pediatric component, thus etching the realm of pediatrics as a key and integral part of the curriculum.

In addition to her dedication to medicine, Dr. Sachdev has a vast array of interests which she has incorporated into her existence as a wife, mother and a physician. One of her most telling moments was as a participant in the 2004 Mrs. Texas-America Pageant when she was asked by one of the judges how a woman of her ethnicity could fit into the traditional norm to become a pageant title holder in the state of Texas. She creatively replied, “The fundamental beauty of Texas lies in its acceptance and diversity, and that is what has brought me this far.” That statement earned her a ‘top ten’ title, making her one of the first Indo-American women to place in a state-wide national pageant. This renewed sense of self-confidence instilled a yearning to pursue her other interests, including a passion for public speaking, thus lending a national television health series to her name as host, writer and producer.

Indian Classical and Bollywood-style dancing has been engrained “in her blood” from a very young age, and to showcase that, she choreographed and performed in an unprecedented medical parody video in 2019 titled One Sikh with the celebrity physician ZDoggMD alongside the Detar Family Medicine residents.

Dr. Sachdev is a strong proponent of the beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi who beautifully stated that, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This attitude is reflected in her multitude of philanthropic projects, including helping to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, being a strong supporter of the American Veteran’s Association, and supporting numerous animal rights and rescue groups.

Kalpesh Bhesaniya M.D.

Kalpesh Bhesaniya, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Dr. Kalpesh Bhesaniya is an accomplished and experienced faculty member at Detar residency program. Graduating from Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, he has spent many years honing their skills in a variety of clinical settings, including outpatient, inpatient, and emergency room settings.

Throughout his career, Dr. Bhesaniya has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing exceptional patient care and ensuring positive outcomes for all of their patients. This dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as a highly skilled and compassionate clinician, and they are highly regarded by both patients and colleagues alike.

Currently, Dr. Bhesaniya is focused on inpatient medicine and serves as a vital member of the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role teaching Inpatient medicine to residents and is deeply committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Bain Cate M.D.

Bain Cate, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Dr. Bain Cate is an esteemed physician and educator with a passion for providing comprehensive care to patients and imparting knowledge to future healthcare professionals. With a strong educational background and extensive experience, Dr. Cate has made significant contributions to the field of family medicine.

Dr. Bain Cate earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor University in 1980 graduating Cum Laude. He went on to pursue a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Texas at Houston, graduating in 1985. Dr. Cate completed the University of Kansas Family Practice Residency program in 1988, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field. Dr. Cate has been Board Certified in Family Medicine since 1988. Throughout his career, Dr. Cate has received numerous accolades and recognitions for his outstanding contributions to the medical field. In 1985, Dr. Cate was honored as the Outstanding Family Practice Student at the University of Texas Medical School, reflecting his dedication and exceptional skills in the field. Dr. Cate received the Mead Johnson Award for Family Practice in 1987, highlighting His exemplary commitment to patient care and clinical excellence.

Dr. Cate's passion for sharing knowledge and shaping the future of healthcare extends to his teaching interests. He has a particular focus on three key areas: End of Life Care, Oncology, and Urgent Care. By imparting his expertise in these specialized fields, Dr. Cate plays a crucial role in educating and inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals. His unwavering dedication to providing compassionate care, his passion for teaching, and his outstanding accomplishments make him an invaluable asset to the DeTar Family Medicine Program.