Ali Khalid, MD

Dr. Ali Khalid is originally from Maryland. He received his bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from University of Maryland and his medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine. He chose to pursue Family Medicine because of the continuity of care and relationships built between a doctor and his patients.

He is passionate about promoting lifelong wellness in his patients and his professional interests include preventative and community medicine. He chose Detar Hospital for the opportunity for hands-on experience with every facet of Family Medicine that is allowed by an unopposed program. In his free time, he likes to stay active and enjoys running, hiking, and exploring all the outdoor activities that Texas has to offer.

Jesiel Lombay, MD

Dr. Lombay is originally from Puerto Rico and he’s an alumnus of the University of Puerto Rico. He graduated medical school from UAG and completed one year of clerkship at various hospitals in Tri-state area. From the start of his medical education, he’s been committed to serving underserved communities with little to no access to care. Throughout medical school, Dr. Lombay has partnered with multiple organizations including the red cross, and other non-profit organizations to address the serious gaps in care that affect Latinos in poverty-stricken communities. Dr. Lombay developed a passion for clinical research and global health which led him to Massachusetts General Hospital. There he helped develop a range of research studies, including smartphone apps to diagnose respiratory diseases, global health research on household air pollution, and a drug trial to improve outcomes in intracranial hemorrhage. He was able to collaborate and build partnerships with physicians and scientists all over the world. Dr. Lombay is passionate about education and spent three years as a faculty member at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University. It’s these same interests and passions that brought him to a career in family medicine. In addition to providing medical care, family physicians are charged with the remarkable task of being teachers to their patients, helping them understand complex medical information. As family physicians, we are often a patient’s first, and sometimes only, exposure to health care information. As such, it is our responsibility to take every concern seriously, while simultaneously providing education and dispelling misconceptions and misinformation. Working in Victoria, I have learned the value of preventative care and the rapid identification of high-risk patients. I’m excited to continue my development as a family physician at the DeTar Family Medicine Residency Program.

Nina Mathew, MD

“I was born in New Jersey but moved to Chicago soon after. Growing up, I had always buried myself in books and math problems, but never planned on a career in Medicine. I only knew I wanted to pursue something that would help people in general. Moving to India during my prime teenage years (high school, and, before I knew it, med school) helped me realize I’m adaptable and resilient- qualities that helped me when I moved to Mumbai for medical school. I worked with extremely disadvantaged communities during my training and that experience made me truly realize my calling as a healthcare provider. After graduation, I worked as a Medical Officer serving the local, underprivileged communities in the region with minimum resources for 1 year.

My experience working in these rural areas cemented my interest in family medicine which allows me to cater to the health needs of people across all age groups. In addition, the satisfaction of building a solid relationship with your patients in the long run, working on short term health goals, and celebrating small and big wins with the patients are what I look forward to on a daily basis. DeTar is one of the top places to get that type of training. As it is an unopposed program, we get ample patient exposure (inpatient and outpatient). Victoria being a small town, also has its perks of utilizing the family medicine facilities to its fullest potential.”

Julio Cesar Quiroz Olvera, MD

Born and raised in México, went to Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas in Tampico for Med school. After finishing Med school I decided to move to United Stated to get more experience in medicine. After several rotations around Houston, I started working in a Diabetic Retinopathy clinic as a Clinical Research fellow and lead medical assistant, where I was able to get a better understanding of diabetes. This opportunity helped me to understand the importance of Family Medicine as specialty in the American Health system.

Diego Olvera, MD

Diego was born and raised in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. He graduated from medical school at Universidad de Monterrey. Diego completed his social service year in an underserved urban community clinic in Mexico where he saw pediatric, adult and geriatric patients everyday and that's when he became passionate about family medicine. He spent 1 year doing clinical rotations at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, 2 years coordinating cardiovascular clinical trials in a family medicine clinic in San Antonio and 3 years coordinating NIH-funded research studies focused in pediatric gastroenterology at Baylor College of Medicine. He and his wife are happy to call Victoria home."

Pragna Vanapala, MD

I was born in India and grew up in Virginia. I moved to Dallas 2yrs ago and fell in love with Texas. I received my bachelors in Biology and Psychology from University of Virginia. Then I went on to complete my MPH with a focus on preventative medicine and received my medical education from St. George’s University.

I chose to practice family medicine because primary care centers on the concept of building long term relationships with patients, and caters to people of varying ages from different cultural and economic backgrounds. In essence, the family physicians are the frontrunners of medicine and it is this diverse nature of the field that inspires me.

I moved to Dallas 2yrs ago and loved living in Texas so I was very happy to have matched into Detar. Victoria has a small town feel with all the amenities of a big city with beautiful walking trails and local parks. More importantly, I love the faculty and residents and how supportive they are so Detar was a natural choice. In my free time, I love to read, watch foreign films, paint/sketch and spend time with my family and friends.

Puja Yogi, MD

I was born and raised in Nepal and moved to United States when I was 16. I went to UCLA for undergraduate education and SGU for medical school. I am coming to Victoria from Arlington Texas area. I choose family medicine because I really like the integrated part of the medicine it has to offer and would love to continue my career in rural/suburban area in the future. I am really enjoying Victoria Texas. I love to travel, cook and hike in my free time.

Annum Zulfiqar, MD

“I was raised in Kuwait , completed my high school and college there and then moved to Lahore , Pakistan for my medical school studies. Growing up , my mom who was a nurse by profession was my biggest inspiration. Her love for healthcare and patient well being always fascinated me. I knew where I wanted to be right from when I was in high school. My goals were clear and I put in all my effort in what I believed - Medicine.

After completing my med school, I practiced medicine for about 2 years in Lahore, Pakistan. I then got married, moved to Dallas, Texas in 2020. Cleared my steps and joined DeTar Healthcare.

DeTar healthcare is the kind of program I always wanted to be in. To me, practicing medicine is more of a passion than a profession and DeTar healthcare is the best learning platform and an excellent opportunity in my opinion to live my dream.“